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Checking In

Norma Newton

Photo Credit: Hermosa Journal

Photo Credit: Hermosa Journal

   Is it really June already?!  Yes, dear friends, it is.  June has officially arrived which means there are still six months left to accomplish any yearly goals you might have set for yourself.  Not sure about you, but when December rolls around we often find ourselves wondering how the end of year arrived so quickly.  In an effort to be more proactive, this year we are adopting a midyear check in to keep us focused on our goals. 

   What exactly is a midyear check in?  It is a way to reconnect with your goals by revisiting them and assessing where you are vis a vis your list.  We find that checking in with our goals keeps them fresh on our mind and helps us stay in tune with our intentions.  A check in can take any form you find helpful, the point here is not to get bogged down on how, simply start reflecting and go from there.  As we set off to think about our 2017 goals, we want to thank you for visiting Hermosa Journal.  We hope the first six months of 2017 treated you well!