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New Year, New Vision Board

Norma Newton

Sample vision board. (Credit: Hermosa Journal)

Sample vision board. (Credit: Hermosa Journal)

   Now that the end of year festivities seem like a million years away why not settle into 2018 by creating a vision board?  We tend to think you can’t get too far in life if you don’t have an idea of where you are going.  A vision board is simply a collection of images or words that help you focus on what you want in the future.  Are you trying to dance more or get a new job in 2018?  Why not create a vision board to serve as a helpful reminder?  

Creating a vision board is super easy and fun - all you need is a few hours, old magazines, poster board, your favorite adhesive material, a beverage of choice and some inspiring music (feel free to ditch the last two in a pinch).  First, take a few minutes to ponder what you want to manifest in 2018.  Then, just flip through the magazines and cut out images that speak to you.  When you see something that resonates with what you want in your life you will know, trust us!  The only real advise you need is don’t overthink it - if the image connects with you, cut it out.  After you’ve exhausted your magazine search, organize and adhere your visual reminders to a piece of poster board.  And viola!  Your vision board is complete.

   Like most things in life, the potential to have a blast with this activity increases tremendously if you do it with pals and if you don’t take the process too seriously.  It’s all about the journey friends...may your 2018 rock!