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A Child Whisperer To The Rescue

Norma Newton

Photo credit: Carolina Adame

Photo credit: Carolina Adame

If you have a child (or two, or three, or more), odds are high you’ve gone through an experience that left you feeling like you needed help. A lot of help. Expert help. Child whisperer help.

Enter Joshua Castillo. With over twenty years of experience in the early childhood field, Joshua is a true find. She patiently listens, gathers information and creates a plan to help you and your little one. Joshua’s main goal is finding a true connection between family members so everyone can thrive. She’s not trying to tell you how to raise your kids or what you’re doing wrong. And, her nonjudgmental approach comes through in all her interactions with parents and kids alike.

With a calm demeanor and a smile, Joshua provides families with the space to breathe and an opportunity to exist in harmony. That is, until the next issue pops up. Welcome to parenting!